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After a break, thanks to
Covid-19, the immensely popular
Kolkata Book Fair is all set to be back in January next year. To be held from January 31-February 14.

-Guild announcement
in The Indian Express

In a freewheeling conversation, Israeli historian and philosopher, Yuval Noah Harari (of Sapiens fame) talks about the simple story that can save the planet.

-Talking to David Marchese in The New York Times Magazine

In her book 'The Anger of Saintly Men', Anubha Yadav painstakingly etches the ways in which masculinity is moulded, reinforced, and applauded in our society.


Somali women are breaking tradition to write novels, and how. Read on to know how Somalia's story telling tradition has changed since the civil war.

-A special report in
BBC News


In the

Poems by Payal Nagpal

आज की कविता:
प्रतिनिधि स्वर

संपादन और भूमिका: आनंद प्रकाश

Red Silk

Poems by Richa Bajaj

‘सपनों में सेंध’और अन्य कविताएं

अजय कृष्ण